Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thumbfight at RailsConf

I was in Las Vegas last week, attending the International Ruby on Rails programming conference, aka RailsConf.

Why is this at all interesting to readers of this blog? Because this was the first time that people were Thumbfighting live from an event which was one of the Top 10 trends on Twitter itself!

Or, as one of our advisors quoted us,
"The circle is now complete..." - D. Vader

People were whispering in my ear "What is THAT?" during the conference sessions, as they noticed me Thumbfighting. Others were already busy retweeting Thumbfights along with the general Twittering, IRC back-channel chatter, and general snarkiness always going on at these things.

But then, the massive level of Twittering going on pushed the #railsconf hashtag into the top 10. Suddenly, the level of Thumbfighting was actually perceptible amongst the deluge of tweets. In fact, people all over the world who were following RailsConf, were introduced to Thumbfight right in context, as an interesting way to monitor how the Twitterverse 'feels'.

And there was one other immediate payoff: for the rest of the conference, all I had to do was say to a fellow attendee "I'm one of the guys who did Thumbfight," and I would get an immediate offer of a beer. Talk about quick ROI!

Many thanks to everyone who helped get the word out about Thumbfight at RailsConf. We appreciate it!

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