Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome To The Thumbfight

Hello, friends! Well, it has been a crazy few days since last week's unexpected "soft launch" of Thumbfight. We have been working on our reputation monitoring service/game for a while, but suddenly someone let the cat out of the bag, and ready or not, we are live!

Just in case you are not exactly sure what Thumbfight is, go check out the site RIGHT NOW! I'll wait, don't worry.

OK, wasn't that fun? Thumbfight lets you enter two search terms, like "Apple" vs "Microsoft". It then goes and does a search of real-time data from Twitter, and using some crazy mad science (aka Bayesian filters) it categories each Tweet into "good" and "bad" sentiments. Thumbfight then does some more mathemagical calculations to figure out how well liked that thing is. Each competitor gets a ranking from "3 Thumbs Up", meaning really liked it, to "3 Thumbs Down" meaning really hated it.

It is really easy to retweet the results of a Thumbfight, just click on the link there on the "fight" page. You can then send out the results of the Thumbfight, along with your witty comments. Yeah!

Thanks to feedback from our users, we are already adding cool new features. For example, if you follow @thumbfight on Twitter, you will receive our hourly battle tweets (daytime hours only) between the top 10 hottest trending topics on Twitter. Keep track of what's happening on Twitter in a really fun way.

Anyhow, this is only the beginning of our adventures in real-time reputation monitoring. Please check it out, follow @thumbfight on Twitter, and give us your feedback!

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