Friday, April 24, 2009

Thumbfight Is Going To TWTRCON

Once we at Thumbfight heard about TWTRCON, the first Twitter conference for business, we immediately decided we had to go and represent. After all, knowing how your business or personal brand is being perceived by the Twitterverse is one of the most important assets you have these days. Just ask Dominos about that one!

The lineup of speakers is an impressive one, with big names like @guykawasaki and @shelisrael, as well as hot up-and-comers like @kogibbq, and @adventuregirl. Plus @MCHammer... yes, that is what I said, apparently you CAN touch this, if you register for TWTRCON. Hope to see you there, but with a limited number of spaces available, you probably just better follow @twtrcon and search #twtrcon cause it will fill up pretty quickly.

Anyhow, Thumbfight is now on the fast track, and we will be introducing some amazing new capabilities of the service there at the conference. Get ready, people! Thumbfight is on the move.


  1. Thanks for the great post on TWTRCON! We look forward to seeing you there & hearing about your new capabilities.

  2. Thanks, Tonia! It should be a great conference, we're looking forward to it.